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உள்ளம் பெருங்கோயில் ஊனுடம்பு ஆலயமாம்….. திருமந்திரம்.

the bodymind is the base. if the body is kept strong with nutrition, exercise and positivity, no external influence like viruses can settle on it. victory is to the brave…


testmonial 1


o v chandra mouli

mind and brain

i read somewhere that mind is the mysterious secretion of the brain. but a buddhist sect propounds the theory that mind creates all phenomena.
can the mind exist without corporeality?
this is a good doubt about metaphysics….
let us ponder

economics and emotions

Parents have to give more importance to economics while rearing a child. emotions are necessary but they should be based on firm economic foundations.
One has to remember the kural “பொருள் இல்லார்க்கு இவ்வுலகம் இல்லை”.
But one has to be mindful enough, not to be entangled in the money-mesh…
Awareness, moment by moment is the key to lively enjoyment.
with a heart of love

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