economics and emotions

Parents have to give more importance to economics while rearing a child. emotions are necessary but they should be based on firm economic foundations.
One has to remember the kural “பொருள் இல்லார்க்கு இவ்வுலகம் இல்லை”.
But one has to be mindful enough, not to be entangled in the money-mesh…
Awareness, moment by moment is the key to lively enjoyment.
with a heart of love

responsibility and reciprocity

Responsibility and Reciprocity are the two qualities that any human being should develop and nurture.

Parents are the foremost people who should mindfully possess these two sterling qualities.

Good and responsible parents will always have well-responding and reciprocating children.

Begetting children is common to all animals. proper and caring parenting is a meta-human responsibility.

A neglected and ignored child is a wounded child, and healing a wound is a lifetime process.

Just as the sunflower tilts itself towards the direction of the sun, so also the young child turns itself towards people who are its sunshine and love. Responsibility is True Love. Reciprocity is True Care.

If only people of all walks of life are responsible and reciprocating… the world would become a better place….

Moulianna thinks so….